Ebay the new Starbucks?

I sell things from time to time on Ebay, mostly antiques and clothing or basically anything I know will resell. I’m not some super powerseller or anything, I just do it when I have some extra time. I have been a bit busy lately so I haven’t sold so much. Coincidently in this slow period they sent me a survey.

I found this surevy quite interesting in the fact that it was questioning me mainly in regards to whether I would be more inclined to sell if they had EBay branded drop off and pick up services and Ebay stations in the city like local Starbucks! They even worded it as so; “like a Starbucks.”

What could this mean? Is Ebay pondering¬† starting its own mail service a la UPS or FEDEX. If so, the implications could be huge, especially if they are successful! I wonder if they indeed do decide to do this kind of service if they will partner with an established company utilizing its existing infrastructure, or start their own from scratch. Who knows, maybe they aren’t taking the idea seriously at all. Even if they do go ahead with it, it’s interesting to think of what they may name the company; EbayMail, EbayExpress, Etc. Either way Ebay stock seems like its at a good price right now roughly at $29/ share. Maybe I should buy some.

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