2011: Lesbianism

From a purely sociological point of view the way I would normally look at this topic is by doing some sort of survey/data capturing technique on the subject then analyzing it in-depth. However, this article will make many inferences and will contain my opinion, so take it as just that: an opinion article as are most of my articles on here.

2011: Lesbianism, Winning!

Its all around me, and this is fine, absolutely fine, I love gay people as much as I love straight or asexual people. Well, you asexual folks are a little weird; we all know that you sneak strange sexual shit (cottaging, munging, and the like)! Anyhow, why is lesbian, so god damned trendy right now? I will pose some possible theories and then I will try to explain to you what I think while trying not to offend you.

Some of the possibilities include; society is becoming more liberal and therefore being gay is acceptable, there is something in the water or food (assuming any kind of drug or nutrient could effect your sexual orientation), and lastly because popular culture is glamorizing it.

I would love for my first of the assumptions to be correct, but after a quick survey of the hate websites that pop up when you simply type in “Obama,” on Google I don’t think this to be the case, America is not very liberal at this moment. That leaves us with the water and pop culture theories. I will rule out the water/food theory, because it’s dumb and if it was true then being a gay man would be trendy too. So I am going to choose the pop culture theory. This is very sad to me because it’s propagated and maintained by, men.

So much for looking at it positively, from an empowerment of women and women rights perspective. It’s sad to me for all the true lesbians out there that might be in a relationship with someone who is doing it because it’s trendy and when it becomes a thing of the past, hearts will surely be broken. Even though that sucks for all you ladies, what’s worse to me is that this is something that was jump started by men! It seems it started to become popular in the early 2000s when girl on girl action in the bars and clubs was the hype. Then by the mid to late 2000s it started to become played. What followed was to take it a step further and to become a lesbian, to show the men just how off limits and untouchable you are, how your shit doesn’t stink.

Well wake up, it does. And you are ruining it for all the real lesbians out there (shouts to all my les folks!).

What needs to happen is society needs to become more equal in regards to all gay people. I don’t care if you like to fuck men, women, ladyboys, trannys, mannys, grannies, moms, dads or rads. Do it, but don’t do something that is propagated by pop culture, and men, in order to look cool. Messing with people’s way of life is no joke.

PS. Send all hate e-mail to: ted.turner@fox.com, Subject: Jersey Shore

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