As predictable as Bukowski taking another shot
Of Whiskey
Or Hunter Thompson taking as many drugs he possibly can
Then shooting his typewriter
Or like Ferlinghetti’s poem structure
Even Hemingway’s groundbreaking style
Maybe like Burroughs shooting up Cash
With some fine southern heroin
Like Camus and his elegant words
Like Vonnegut’s playful words bouncing on the page
But reflecting reality all too well
As boring as Burroughs westerns
As soothing as Hesse
Like the imagery of Brautigan
As revolutionary as Engels and Marx
As insightful and thought provoking as Feynman
As gay as Ginsberg
As colorful as Corso,
The pain &
The helplessness
and Over
and Over
So that another
Or short story
Or Novel
May be born

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