Labor = Money

The bourgeoisie is a speck of the general population
The “middle class” is largely a hologram designed by the bourgeoisie
This “middle class” is riddled with debt and loans that the bourgeoisie owns
Beneath the middle class façade lies a regular proletarian
The stock market is a tool invented by the bourgeoisie
In reality the vast majority of the stock market is owned and controlled by the bourgeoisie
It provides the proletariat with the false feeling of ownership
It gives the proletariat the needed feeling of probability of upper mobility (POUM)
The American corporation has the same rights of a human being
Because the 14th amendment was designed to protect ex-slaves human rights
Corporations claimed to be humans from this obscure and unforeseen usage
And it worked; they have the same rights as a living and breathing human
If the corporation is to have the same rights, why not have the same punishments?
Why not get executed when they knowingly pollute and knowingly kill?
Should the board of directors be hung?
Labor will be abstractly bought where ever it is cheapest, factoring in the shipping costs
At every level of extraction, manufacture and distribution labor is imparted on manipulated natural resources
When we were primitive beings our “spheres” were small, as we lived sustainable lives
We collected our food and made our own goods
As time went on trade and human interdependence increased, thus beginning the abstraction process of our “spheres”
I propose that our “spheres” are so abstracted we don’t understand the fundamental connection between labor, money and product
Around us: millions of components made from many resources coming from places unknown
Labor equals money; the bourgeoisie take your labor (money), give you part of it back and take most of it
All of which you produced
Labor plus natural resources (land) equals wealth
The bourgeoisie may control the land
But we, the proletarian, ALWAYS own our labor.

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