Rape in the 21st Century: A Scientific Study

Dr. Johns M. Pierston Ph.D.

Dr. Abrams Larry Johnson Psy.D.

Let me preface this very scientific article to let all you readers know that all participants in this study were fully briefed in what they were getting involved in. In other words “no one was really hurt in the process of this study.” We have always had the sneaking suspicion that a subset of men/women may actually enjoy forced sex, AKA rape. Since this is a very sensitive topic to even talk about, over at our research center we decided that we would put out a classified ad in the local entertainment magazine looking for people who “enjoy exciting opportunities” and that are “thrill seekers” also they must be willing to try “new things.”

We received over 1000 responses, we further then honed down these respondents to 50 by asking about certain sexual questions such as: “Do you enjoy trying new things within the realm of sex?” We ended up with 25 women and 25 men, who we then had meet us at a rented office building. This is where we laid it on them. Would they like to be participants in a rape study? We knew some of our participants would be outright disgusted, in which we were correct. We ended up with 19 willing men and 13 willing women. Since our study only called for ten men and ten women we convened as a group and chose the best candidates. These participants would be the “rapees.”

Now we had a couple of staff writers which were willing to be “in house” rapists. We decided that all males should be raped by females, and all females by males. We decided that if any of the male rapees involved could not achieve erection after 5 minutes then the female would then move on to oral rape.

There variables in men that we were looking at were:

-Heart rate

-Erection onset rate

-Erection maintenance time

-Ejaculate time

-Ejaculate rate

The variables in women that we were looking at were:

-Heart rate

-Lubrication onset

-Lubrication maintenance time

-Time of orgasm

-Orgasm Rate

We informed our potential rapees that they may or may not be raped within a month’s (March 2010) time frame, and that it may happen anywhere, for example:

-         Pulled in a bush whilst walking dog

-         In their house (Rapist hiding in closet or under bed)

-         In their car

-         On a jog in the forest

-         After a night of dancing

The rapists were given a number to call immediately after rape in order to ascertain if this was our sponsored rape or an unsolicited act of aggression; if it wasn’t our sponsored rape we encouraged them to call the local authorities at once. All rapists wore special condoms/female condoms in which we rigged moisture sensors to collect certain data, other data was self reported by the rapee and rapist and averaged. Little did all ten people know was that all 10 rapees would indeed be getting raped within the month time period. The distributions of rapes were as follows:

Male Rapee Rapes:


Female Rapee Rapes:


The setting in which the rapes occurred were called the “set.” The set varied but most rapes occurred either in their home after work or being pulled into bushes or alleys while they walked or jogged. We were happy to report that there were no auxiliary rapes which occurred with our voluntary rapees during the month in which we conducted our rapes.

We collected our data and compared it against known natural physiological and recorded orgasm and sexual responses. Here is our data side by side the preexisting data:


As you can see our data was highly conflicting to what our predicted outcomes would be, so we decided to follow up with supplementary questions presented below are some of the questions and answers:

1) Were you terrified that you were being raped?

Woman1: “Yes, it scared the shit out of me, but then I smelled old spice and the three hole mask kind of turned me on so I went with the flow.”

Man8: “Well it was a shock, then when I couldn’t get…um…up, she gave me great head, although her face was covered her lips were hot so I let her have her way. The knife really scared me though.”

Woman4: “I literally shit myself, but luckily he seemed to have his bases covered and used wet wipes to rectify the situation, he was a gentleman, I wish more guys were like my rapist.”

2) Did you fear that you would die?

Woman10: “Yes, having a gun pointed at your temple isn’t fun, but honestly it turned me on a bit.”

Man6: “Women with weapons, really turn me on!”

Man2: “Well when I got pulled into a van and they had a rifle pointed at me it was uncomfortable, but the sex was exciting as hell!”

3) Since the time of your rape have you had any flashbacks or negative experiences?

Woman 2: “No, not really.”

Woman3: “I masturbate and think about the experience… actually. I like a forceful man”

Man5: “No.”

Man7: “Nope.”

Our conclusion is that although rape is a horrible crime something unforeseen is going on here. Maybe our results were skewed because they were told they were going to be raped in advance and submitted to it in writing. Perhaps our pool of participants was skewed from the beginning due to the ad reader statistics, perhaps some people just have a “rape fetish.” Since it is unethical to ever perform a “real rape” for study perhaps we will never know, either way this study was done so you could draw your own conclusions.


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