Explicit Sexual Activity

All the trappings of a creative environment are here

Solitude a TV books music mirrors and some drink

In this instance Spanish gin and rye whiskey

Firsts both

And yet it’s not coming


Werner Erhard it

My two dogs sniff each other’s asses

And some Jap movie about hell is on the 27”

This is a tale of things that every hipster

Every mouth breather

Every single waste of space that slithers around the street

And socializes and digs the scene

And drips irony

Writes about

But I’m old(er)

And conservative mostly

Filled with contempt and disgust

And I work and hate and I rather be inside and alone

I spit on the easy out because it doesn’t work

Unfortunately only work works

And it’s not coming

Not tonight not yet

Ah well

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