Cocaine Grrrls

Note by Author: All of my works are purely of fiction and must be read that way.

Girls that do Cocaine annoy the shit out of me. I can easily spot a female that is a coke head. Three hints: You could be in the middle of anything; sex, sushi, church, and they get a call or text and they book it out the door with some lame ass excuse. Oh yeah, how many times has your grandma died now? When you go out with them they mysteriously disappear for inordinate amounts of time. Finally they are usually skinny as fuck.

I feel like women that are addicted to cocaine treat it as their god. If you had a bag in your pocket and they know, they will just stair at your pocket all night drooling. Oh a tip to you guys who ain’t getting’ none, try this: go buy …uuuhhh… 80-120 bucks worth of coke, stomp on it with some Enfamil or some other inert white powder (I say thin it because these hoes don’t deserve it anyways, plus you can make yourself look like a bigger baller with a fat chunk) then go out as per usual. Just randomly drop some line like “Yeah I got a few Gs on me, no big deal.” around the fake titted, stuck up looking/dumb types. Before long you will find yourself naked with 2-10 girls. Don’t believe me? Try it. I’ve done it….not that I needed to, lets just say it was a sociological experiment.

Not that there is anything wrong with cocaine or anything, shit Freud did that shit for years and loved it! And its not like I’m giving a pass to you coke head dudes. In fact you should just do crack instead, its way more trash-gutter-hipster-taboo-chic. Plus you can carry around cool glass pipes and say things like “Whoa, watch out bro, I got fragile glass in my pocket!”

Morals of this story, don’t DO it, USE it, and use it to your advantage to get things you want. And if you are going to do it, smoke crack, it’s way cooler!

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