Why Most Apple Fanatics Suck

What’s with people who are obsessed with Apple and everything the company does? Yeah they make cool software and at times have nifty innovations. Why is there such a “Cult of Apple?” There are three major factors which I will outline below.

Guess what? You are the people that fell for that ridiculous advert bonanza back in 2006 or whatever the fuck year that was. You know, the commercial where that douche bag actor juxtaposes next to a supposed PC nerd type actor. Exploiting obvious stereotypes that any idiot under a rock could see through. No doubt there are archaic PC assholes out there, and a lot seem to be named “Steve.” If I were Microsoft or some other brand within the PC world I would have responded with a likewise campaign showing a working class person (not an edgy teen) who can actually afford a 300-800 dollar computer next to an elitist coffee house spider-rat who borrows their parents cash flow so they can have a 2000 dollar computer.


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Here is what’s funny. When you buy an Apple you are married to its OS, when one buys a PC they are married to absolutely no OS, except for the fact they can’t run OS X, which I bet a lot of money on, there is some Linux based OS that mimics it extremely well.

Get off Steve Jobs jock, he is not god. Sure he is smart but it gets annoying as fuck people obsessed with everything that motherfucker does. I don’t know of any supposed PC nerds that worship Bill Gates…do you? Plus didn’t you hear the news; Mr. Jobs has a foot in the grave, leave him alone!


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With these 3 reasons; you fell for a dumb advertising campaign, you are married to an OS when you buy an Apple computer, and finally you worship Steve Jobs, I therefore declare you an asshole.

Disclaimer: If you really use your Mac for your trade in which there are certainly benefits, a la graphic designer, architect, video editor, etc, you are exempt barring you don’t worship Steve Jobs.

That being said, I will attack Iphones soon which are a whole new can of worms I will “crack” open at a later time…

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