An Ode to Shark Eyes

You(re) fake smile
And your dead eyes
Look right through me
They always did
I saw that
God forsaken
Excuse for a soul
No soul
Gotta go on a search
But until then
Keep smiling that
Fake smile
It’s painfully obvious
Unless your fucking that person
You want to believe that fake
But deep down
A fake smile
Is a fake smile
And it looks right through people
And through the walls
And out into the sidewalk
And falls into the gutter
That fake smile
The gutter sweeper comes by
Instead of raking it up in its load
It breaks a bristle on that
Nasty thing in the gutter
That smile may have no
But its teeth are rotten as hell
Its gums decay
Rotten flesh oozes
Like the brain matter
That fake smile
Sinisterly tricks
Prefrontal cortex
You got it
The right neuron
To the right neuron
But that fake smile
Knows its fake
No matter how much it
Denies it
Its hole-through-walls
Path of devastation
Is evident
Wish I would have
Taken that rubber
That you tore off
The first night
And flushed it, along with
Your fake smile
Down the toilet
And told that
Fake smile to
Rot in hell

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