My Bucket List*

*Reality-based “fiction”

  • Drink an ayahuasca and tonic.
  • Throw a frozen GoGirl at someone’s head who’s wearing a “livestrong” bracelet.
  • Foursome with hot disenfranchised former Soviet Bloc girls.
  • Literally ride a tiger (under humane conditions of course). I refuse to think Ronnie James wasn’t on to something major.
  • Free baited bears and help kill their keepers by pulling out their teeth and nails and making them fight dogs.
  • Accurately define “Neohyperpostfuturism” and teach it at Harvard.
  • Take a bullet (non-lethal/debilitating).
  • Build a Mandroid and teach it to drive.
  • Go semi-pro in the bumfighting circuit.
  • Witness munging.
  • Scuba up to an oceanside party wearing a tux under my wetsuit, then join the festivities with a “no biggie” attitude.
  • Hang out with Len. I wonder what happened to him/them…
  • Heroin in the dorsal, n.q.a. (not to rip off Mitch J)
  • Shine a lazer into the cockpit of Air Force One.
  • Travel through time.
  • Learn Majick

I think that might be it.  For now, anyways.

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