Your Retro Career Melted

I was on my way to the store with a plastic bag full of change

The idea was to go to the CoinStar to get some cash to buy a sandwich

As I went West on Santa Monica Blvd

A hipster girl with big tits

And thigh

And ankle

And calf tattoos

Slid easily by astride a swank fixie with purple rims and useless handlebars

This is why she didn’t use them

As she used her long legs to pedal and steady the bike

Whilst she texted on her iPhone

Oblivious to the world

This snapshot whizzed by an out of my mind as I continued on

Then: WHUNK!

Up ahead she ran into a the side of a Prius that was pulling into the Ramada

She lay sprawled like a spider in the gutter

As men rushed to help her up

The Toyota driver and girlfriend got out panicked

And looked at the car to make sure it was fine

As I passed, I saw the hipster girl was OK physically

But in her eyes you could tell she was in agony

She had never been completely vulnerable before

I momentarily wondered if lessons would be learned from this

Then continued on my way

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