2:08 AM

I walked by drunken swagger
On my way into “Hot Rods”
A local gay restaurant
I usually get their breakfast sandwich
Bacon AND sausage
On the way out
I saw some young travelers
Two crusty punks
We talked about politics
The rich, the poor
They seemed OK
The girl casually told me
“I am gonna go get an abortion tomorrow”
As if it was routine
I asked them if they wanted to come;
Stay in my small studio
They said sure
She wanted to take a shower
So she would be,
Presentable for her abortion, I suppose
I gave them my mattress
She showered
We talked some more
And we all fell asleep
The alarm burst out of my small phones
Like a crow next to my ear
I jumped out of bed (cot) and noticed
My house smelt purely festering
As I told them bye
I handed them a survival book I had
Wrote my name and email in it
Said, “Good luck”
They left
I hurried to pick up all the linens
I knew I would have to wash them
At least twice

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