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Examining the Sacred Geometry of 9/11


Special report filed by our New York correspondent: Mark Harrison

Using various images of the horrific aftermath of 9/11/2001, I have devoted the greater part of the last decade into reading the sacred geometry of 9-11. Many conclusions may be up for debate about what follows, but the overall message is as concrete as the middle of The Hoover Dam. First and foremost, I am a leading expert in the field of sacred geometry. My experiences in visual-spatial geometrical meditation to interpret the meanings of the sacred geometry turned up some very shocking results about the uncertainty of the future. I have pioneered two methods in order to analyze the way the buildings crashed to the Manhattan streets below and also the explosions as the planes hit in real time. The first, I already mentioned visual-spatial geometrical meditation (VSGM) and the other is self-induced hypnotherapeutic neural modification (SIHNM). These sound very complex and they completely are so I will briefly explain them.

VSGM involves having a Printed Stimuli (PS); it may be a photo, computer image, or other representation of the subject of which you are analyzing. You must be in a mid sized empty room with very limited items. These items a researcher must include are symbolic symbols (SS) and prescriptive pointers (PP). The bigger these items are the better! As one starts they must be standing throughout the whole process in order to focus and also to have your body symmetry aligned. You must focus in on the area of importance on the PS; the importance here is to not blink and to literally burn an image of the section of the PS into your brain, after doing so for one hour you should take 50mg (varies dependant on body weight) of a benzodiazepine. As you are falling and trying to stay awake/upright/cognizant (key here is you must try to keep standing) you will knock the symbolic symbols into different directions as well as the PP. When you awake you must analyze the results.

SIHNM is much more involved and intense of a process. Leading research into neurology has shown that the human brain is purely magic. It has also shown that it can be almost infinite in scope. If you have any idea of how large infinity really is, you know what I am talking about. The goal here is to harness less than 0.001% of the power of the brain. Some neurons that connect to the brain and run through our nervous system are up to 3 feet long, and can be longer! We have neurons all over our body within our nervous system! That means that not only our brain can harness the magic of the grey matter but that it can also use it for real functions as well. In order to harness a neuron we make a tiny cut on our right index finger in order to directly access a neuron. At this point you hook up a wire to the skin (usually with an alligator clip) and hook it up to a volt meter. Next you induce self-hypnosis by various methods. Next you must ask yourself questions, if the answer is yes, you will see the volt meter move. If the answer is no you will see the volt meter stays still.


There are four main results I would like to talk about in this section, they may seem unbelievable but they are absolutely true. How do I know, you may ask? I can tell while looking you straight in the eye that I followed the scientific method to a tee, and we all know if that is done correctly it has to be right. You may like the results, they may scare you, either way they are very profound and will touch us all in one way or another.

The first major “event” that will happen in the next ten years is that a major “credit card bubble” will pop, much as the housing bubble did. This will touch the poorer/lower classes that rely on credit cards and currently find themselves in major debt. As banks get bailed out and the same old bureaucratic hypocrisy keeps affecting the lower socioeconomic classes touched by this, they will take to the street and demand that the money be given to the people and not to the banks. The people will start to see how the banks wish to enslave people (at least a major consensus will). Tired of the banks harassing them and the feeling of drowning, the people will cause violence to ensue for quite some time. The government will try to make some concessions but they won’t be good enough. This will ultimately lead to a scandal that involves people very high up in government and they will get ousted and/or impeached. The end result or concession is that the lower SES people will have the option of getting a large portion of their debt reduced and the government will put extremely tight rules and regulations on how much they lend to people depending on their income.

The second major “event” which will happen is a war in a place people would have never thought would be touched by war. I couldn’t see the nation in my SIHNM sessions, but I could tell that it was within a developed nation such as Switzerland or somewhere in Euro zone or United States. The military response by NATO/US will be swift and devastating. The people of the nation will look upon the government negatively because of this for some reason. Perhaps the people that were suppressed had many supporters and were a growing movement. I can’t tell but it seemed to be some sort of party involved with major reform or maybe even revolutionary plots. A modified version of communism or socialism which attempts to distribute the wealth amongst the people seems to be the most likely reform group in which it will effect.

Third, due to the huge success of the World Wide Web, and also the quirkiness of cats on the internet, pet cats will get to the popular tipping point where they prove “out of control” and are colonizing in feral populations almost everywhere. The government will have to declare a “war on cats. (WOC)” PETA and cat lovers will unite against the WOC. The scenario will become extremely ugly, and eventually a Unabomber type (on the pro-cat side) will start sending packages to the cat killers. Just as the populace thinks it couldn’t get any worse, a cat-to-human virus sweeps across the nation, and unfortunately to those that enjoy kissing their cats on a regular basis will swiftly die of a virus; H4N72, or “Cat Flu.” At this point the debate will swing to the side of the cat killers, but the cat lovers will claim the CIA introduced Cat Flu in order to advance its agenda. In the end, the problem will be mostly fixed but the pet cat will never be looked at the same.

Lastly, the most promising of all is the laser-engine. Scientists and dreamers alike will collaborate on building a new energy source made from lasers. Scientists working at CERN will finally find the elusive Higgs-Boson. From these findings the doors to physics will be swung wide open. Revelations that involve some sort of free energy will become a new reality, somehow scientists will use complex systems of lasers in order to harness this “free energy,” and the public will become fascinated about the ramifications, and that perhaps global warming could be averted. The lasers will not actually power the “engine” they will somehow “excite” a source that allows the energy to be “tapped.”

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