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As I sit in my desk
At community college
Once again later in age
I never thought I would be
“That guy”
If you have ever
Attended a community college
You know whom I speak of
Sitting there,
Waiting for instruction
I over hear a conversation
A cute 19 year old…
“Ohy mhuy gawd, burning man
Was so fawking insane, it was
No wonder the founder of that
And burnt down the burning man

As I sat there in my human sexuality class;
We are about to talk about
I wonder
Did, “that guy”
Hear me and shake his head
When I was that young asshole?
As I just had
(Probably not, I was quiet)
Then I ask myself;
Does one just think everything
Becomes stupider and stupider
Until they die?
If so; I’m gonna think:
This whole god damned world
Fucking sucks
Pretty soon

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