Ted Talk Monologue – Disrupting, American Style

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“I know for a lot of young people out there the idea of graduating college and having to start at the bottom is daunting at best. I know it used […]


Get Your Internets Off My Lawn!

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“That we live in curious times is easy for me to say from the vantage point of my early thirties. There is much I don’t understand in this world, particularly […]


The Social Shitwork

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Brice couldn’t believe what he was seeing on his phone. This certainly wasn’t the first corn-based shitpic he’d ever seen, but Skylar had knocked it out of the park. This […]


The Plus One

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It was the usual boring gala, this time for charity benefitting the impoverished cataractous  Jewish children of the world, Krystal Klear Kids. It was the kind of event that happens […]


Ode to S.F.

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Danse Macabre with the faggots in San Francisco. A twisted night of boozing and grabbing asses as they did coke and clawed to a greater understanding and purpose. The streets […]


The Interview

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It was time to play a game that I wasn’t particularly fond of but was told by reliable sources that I should be. It was earlier than I’d gotten up […]


The Good Stink in BH

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There are few places more wretched and soulless in the world than Beverly Hills, Ca. Mecca for all the money-flushed bottom feedersofevery stripe and creed, Beverly Hills has always attracted […]


A Simple Request From A Weary Man

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I came to what could be called a traveler And far be it for I to diminish a man’s dreams He called to me And I saw a glimmer in […]


A Bad Day At The Office

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It was one of those in-between days, in that wasn’t unbearably hot but had a filmy grime quality that makes you feel like you need a shower. It’s hard to […]


It’s Okay, the Audience is Deaf

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In these days when most art is as forgettable As most music And promoting oneself takes equally little talent I wonder about those that claim inspiration From their group of […]