No Sleep

You know those fast and hard ones

The type you know will crash and burn

Ending ugly, looking for exit strategy early

Just in case

Crying, screaming outside will happen

Well, it was one of those

Calm amid the morning peace

The weather on a summerSacramentoday

Unusually overcast giving it a Bay area feel

I lay there in her comfortable bed

Holding each other

Whiskey on our breath

We chat for a few minutes and pass back out for a bit

We both awoke about an hour later to a phone


I woke up streaming drool

Down my stubble beard face

Like a slow motion waterfall

Pooled on her upper chest

I couldn’t help but to laugh

As I asked her where it had gone

She said about a half a cup was

On her clavicle

She corrected herself



Like the grey in the rainbow
Like the silver in the pot of gold
At its supposed end
Like the dust in Hitler’s moustache
Nearly like the
Glistening rain that fell down yesterday
A male cat was on shake roof
Meowing down the brick chimney
Begging to let me, let him in
Dying to get ahead
Dying to keep up
Future dystopias in the frontal lobe
Dusty metal cars
Gangs of meat eating warriors
Wrought in thought about that day
I watched the sorry lad
Get his pants stuck in the wrought iron fence
Planning to jump
Skateboard in the lot
He failed and got impaled
Torn up through the pants
His friend dislodged him
As I tore off my condom
And put my raw penis
In a girl I just met from OKCupid

Busted Ass Americans

We all fight this illness
In this land of
Milk and Honey
That doesn’t exist at
Nearly the levels
In developing or poorer
Depression, the blues, the sads
The pits
Whatever we call it
It’s because we have too much time
We are too rich
We have too many resources
This allows us to
Think and to wallow
To spend less time trying to survive
And feel shitty for ourselves
If you want to cure the
Get poor
And struggle

Working Out Can Be Complex II

Wide eyed and bushy tailed
Eager to make new friends
My first day learning to rock climb
This tall one smiled up to me
She offered up her assistance
She helped me with my knots
Gave me some pointers
And with kind soft words
Encouraged me to come again
Time passed and we saw each other
Here and there
Usually swinging from ropes
We decided to climb together
And we did
Out of the blue one weekend
A few months down the road
We crossed that intimate line
Once that happens usually the
Flood gates of hell open
And they did
We had a nice weekend together
Eating scrambled eggs to cure
Laying in the grass
Whispering corny things to each other
Complicated thoughts
Made it all really weird
Very fast
She obviously thinking
I was way more into her than I was
And me seeing her
For what she is
Fragile deep down, hard outer to cope
Cheap rich girl veneer
Straight from a rich SF suburb
I wish that she
The one who can’t
Keep friends
Or perhaps
Chooses to not keep friends for long
Never walked up to me
Because all it’s been is a pain in the ass
And now we have to trade back books
Me: A Buddhist book
Her: One of Richard Feynman’s books

Book Release: Gourmont’s Lovely Lesbians

The long awaited, much anticipated book release by Michael Jones in conjunction with Anomie Publishing and is finally available. Official release date will be on June 9th 2012 at the “Art Speaks” event at The Vox Gallery (Vox Sacramento, 1818 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811-6515). But you may preorder it here and now and thus have it in time to bring it along with you and get it signed, or perhaps a custom doodle in the front page.

This book consists of almost 60 pages of selected Poems all paired with authentic Polaroid photography. Black and white insides, Color cover.

Bulk Order? Buy 15 at wholesale cost for your shop!

Sample Pages:

Working Out Can Be Complex

The more one self indulges
Lives the hedonists life
Works out,
Eats out,
Goes out,
He forgets about the
The plights that exist
All around the world
Maybe get a glimpse of them
From time to time
But nicely shielded by
The handy off button
This hedonists life
It’s like a warm blanket of
You stay busy and you don’t
Have time
Time to think, to toil
About world issues
How America is at the center
Of this fucked up
Spiral; spiraling out
Of control
At the gym I see
Hippies that eat granola
Espouse organic foods and yoga
“socially minded”
But when I wasn’t at the gym
I was spending much more time
Being a revolutionary
Those who spend time
Jet setting around the world
Here is an idea for you:
Give the poor person
where YOU would be visiting
The money you would have spent
To buy a ticket to YOU, here
Mind me
And I can’t help to think
That they are wearing their
Hedonist blanket of warmth
With altruistic logos on it
Member of various preservation societies
Outsources good deeds
By the credit card
Wear the symbol on your blanket
A blanket isn’t a shield
You can’t have it both ways
Get out
Start a revolution
Get your work-out
From throwing Molotovs


Living the life
Not giving a fuck
Petting my cat as she
Jumps in my lap
Her asshole gets close to my face
And I smell her butt
Downing whiskey at the
Corner spot
Maybe a Fernet now
Ginger ale back
Still pulling girls that
should be on the cover of Maxim
Still living the dream
Every single day
Doing art
Writing Poetry
Taking Polaroids
Still running from cops
Still running with cats
Still popping random pills
Waking up in random places
Can I make it another 30 this
If not there is
The Hunter S. Thompson way out
Me Solace

It’s Official: Black Triangle Sightings in US are NSA Surveillance Drone Blimps

Commonly known as BBD (Big Black Deltas), BBT (Big Black Triangles), or Stealth Blimps, have been finally confirmed by a high ranking official (anonymous) that these sightings are a part of a joint “Unacknowledged Special Access government Program (USAP) by the NSA/NRO/CIA/FBI. The whistle-blower voices concern over the fact that these mammoth pilotless drones are overflying almost all moderate cities in the United States and they are collecting many formats of communication, from radio bands, to satellite phones and even certain WiFi connections. This signals intelligence (SIGINTS) is piped into the NSA computer system voice recognition keyword search program.

This joint venture was launched quickly after 9-11. Our source confirmed that these aircraft have been in experimental and functional modes since the late 1980s. These stealth blimps have an array of collection devices on board. They are then relayed to satellite and then back down to various NSA sites where they are finally deciphered and in some cases listened to by humans. There is growing dessent about the program from within, as it currently sidesteps the United States Constitution. If it wasn’t billed under USAP status, “it would not be in existence, period.”

Our source airs concerns about “close calls” where large populations witnessed the ships either having technical problems and resetting, or close to government facilities where they land and are mantained. Our source tells us “it is just a matter of time before one falls out of the sky due to malfunction or other reasons.” The program does have a rapid response team but if it happens in a largely populated area it, “won’t matter.”

The source stressed that this program is not black, USAPs virtually, “don’t exist.” There is no paper trail to the program, at all. It is said that when President Obama was brought into the White House he was reluctant to continue the program but none the less, did continue it. We need to expose the lies, dirty tricks and unconstitutional route the government has gone. You heard it here first on LanguageAbuse.

Popular Mechanics Stealth Blimp Mock-Up


Although, this was caught in England it is the same aircraft.


As the ancient river that crawls endlessly

Through the sprawling jagged mountains

Tipped with moss and wind swept trees

Comes to a curve, the engineers eye this spot

Their minds made at dinner after cyclically downing

White cups half full of 50% alcohol content wine

For they have decided to erect a monumental dam

Here, and for the greater good of the country

This is the line they use on those displaced

Millions of people will have access to clean

Pure water, Hell the new lake will be a tourist attraction itself

Yet those ancient legacies that exist, existed

On the edges of the river will be flooded over

As mother natures tears blend with

The tears of those whom most vacate

Or be swallowed up by the snaking water

Stories handed down by generations will be buried

Silt will cover any remnants of the past

The future children that never saw the banks

Probably won’t even believe the future tales told